– There is no trouble caused by heat generation, abrasion or liquid leaks, becuase of Sealless pump without sliding parts
– Corrosion-resistant resin (CFRPP) is adopted on Wet Parts Kit, Pump base, Motor bracket, etc. It is possible to transfer strong acid, strong alkaline liquid, saline liquid, etc
– It is heat expansion absorption mechanism and possible to transfer high temperature liquid, because the resin is high corrosion-resistance.
– It has self-priming and suction ability to be possible to transfer liquid smoothly, even if the liquid is at high temperature
– The shaft is no contact with any places. That is why there is no trouble caused by heat generation or abrasion for dry running.
NSF-LR (with linear seal)
– It is sealless by magnet repulsion during operation. At the stop, the seals adhere by magnet force
– Self-priming/deadhead operation is available

*Examples of use
– For transferring/circulating liquid to heat exchanger/filter for plating solution
– For pumping liquid up from drain pits or chemical liquid tanks
NSF-LR (with linear seal
– For glass abrasive/liquid with slurry