Verderair CONT-EX

– Flow 13 L/min – 105L/min
– Discharge pressure up to 7 Bar
– Max Suction lift dry up to 4.5m
– Max. Suction lift wet up to 9m
– Max Operating Temperature up to 70°C
The Verderair CONT EX air operated diaphragm pump is made of conductive polyethylene, standard ATEX certified and available in 4 sizes. Depending on the application, there is this air operated diaphragm pumps with ball valves (suitable for solids) or cylinder valves (higher suction lift).
– Compact design
– Machined out of solid UHMW PE Conductive
– 100% oil and grease free air valve
– 4 sizes available
– Cylinder valves for better suction lift available

– Made from a solid block of conductive UHMW-PE
– Used in EX environments
– Very high abrasion and corrosion resistant.