Smoothfow pump – Q

+ Max discharge volume: 10mL/m- 100mL/m
+ Max discharge pressure: 2.0MPa
+ Excellent quantitative performance and responsiveness within ± 1% ( full scale ratio)
+ Ability to maintain pumping accuracy over long periods of time, service life of components is longer and running costs are low.
+ Continuous, constant flow with no pulsation.
+ No liquid leakage or changes in properties.
+ No damaged by clogged piping or dry running
+ Easy setting and calibration. This allows for easy and accurate flow control
+ Liquid can be swiched quickly just by replacing the pump head
+ I/O control, gradient operation, auto stop operation, signal output function, Pulse-input proportional operation, analod –input proportional opertation, interval opertation
+ Manufacturing process requires extremely high precision: thin film coating, pharmaceutical.
+ Chemical industry
+ Cosmetic