Smoothflow pump- TPL

+ Max discharge volume: 0.1L/m – 10.5L/m
+ Max discharge pressure: 0.5 MPa
High pressure/ high capacity type
+ Max discharge volume: 30L/m
+ Max discharge pressure: 3.0MPa
* Advantages
+ Liquid-end material: SUS 316/ PVDF/PTFE/ Hastelloy C applied for corrosion and abrasion chemical
+ Capable of ultra-constant flow rate and High-Precision fluid supply, accuracy ±0.1% or less
+ Pulsation rate ±0.1% or less ensured with a pulsation control technique.

+ Idea for process lines that require strict control, such as optimal film, IT and high purity pharmaceutical process lines
+ Excellently constant flow responds to processes requiring strict quality control
+ Chemical process
+ Electronic component manufacturer
+ Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
+ Machines and Automobiles.
+ Optical film, IT, and high- purity pharma process lines.