Smoothflow pump – APLS

+ Max discharge volume: 1L/m – 45L/m
+ Max discharge pressure : 0.5Mpa
* Advantages:
+ No pulsation.
+ Two opposite diaphragms gently and reliably transfer liquids .
+ Diaphragms , liquid- end coated with PTFE , highly corrosion and abrasion resistance.
+ No sliding parts at liquid-end section this means that no longer need to worry about powder or foreign matter entering pump. No damage to liquids.
+ The ideal method of liquid transfer: high viscosity, liquids that easily vaporize, harden or crystallize, delicate liquids, slurry liquids…
* Applications :
Difficult – to – transfer chemicals, UV curing resin, urethane resin, and slurries, food, cosmetics and sensitive materials, concentrated juice, food additives, mayonnaise, and lotions.