* Features
– The world patented double float structure smoothly follows to waves and the fluctuation of the liquid, and the surface oil is continuously collected
– Collecting and transferring floating oil is available, because of equipping a floating pump skimmer
– It is the stable durability against the liquid with chips, avrasive grain or sediment of intense abrasion. (YD-810GYP)
– There are two types of power source. Single phase 100V and three phase for industry. (Except YD-1200GYP)
– It is 40% lighter than the conventional pump, because of AL injection molded parts and a light SUS/resin pump

*Examples of use
– For collecting and transferring floating oil in a coolant pit
– For collecting and transferring floating oil with abrasion objects such as chips or slurry.
– For collecting and transferring scum in waste water plant
– For collecting and transferring floating oil when cleaning contaminated soil
– For collecting emergency spilled oil in river / port
– For collecting floating oil on the spot of hard to heat retaining in cold climates
– For collecting floating resin pellet or power