Động cơ Hyosung bộ truyền động

Hyosung Electric Motor has the robust structure with high quality materials such as durablbe bearing and higher cooling capacity. Hyosung Electric Motor can  improve the realiability of rotating machines and also  save the maintenance cost

  • Hyosung Reliability 1st motors comply with the relevant parts of EN60034, IEC60072.
  • High-quality Insulation: The Hyosung motors windings are rated to class F (155 °C) with a class B (130 °C) temperature rise. Hyosung Ultra Insulation® technology protects windings and extends the life of motors.
  • Low Vibration: The combination of precision manufacturing, high-end components and quality control makes the low vibration.
  • Genuine IP55 : Hyosung genuine IP55 enclosures that demonstrate almost complete protection from particles and a good level of protection against water.
  • Robust Bearing: Hyosung only uses the world’s leading bearing brand (Japanese, German) that can sustain some axial & radial loads to have lower friction, noise and vibration.
  • Mounting Foot : Mounted(B3), Flange mounted(B5), Foot Mounted with Flange(B35) and other mounting can be supplied by optional requests.
  • Coating : Hyosung paint color for motors is Munsell No. 0.5PB 3.2/4.4. Castings are coated with quality primer and urethane top coat. The dry film thickness of top coat is approximately 100 µm.